Why 24x7 BOTForce

Improve quality, speed and end user experience by employing automation powered by artificial intelligence.
Personalised, process dependent, secure and scalable on demand.

What it does

Process auomation with battery of bots
Brings in cognitive RPA using natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Orchestrates workflows.

Under the bonnet

Uses natural language understanding and computer vision to analyse data
Uses machine learning to churn data, builds predictive models
Conversations get intelligent over time as well
Gives insights based on analytics, big data.

  • Yujin

    Automates ‘hiring’ process related tasks

    60% time recruiters spent daily in searching resume

    Based on JD, it analyses candidates across several job portals
    Scoring the profiles based on ‘AI’ algorithm and not just key word based match.
    Sending emails to shortlisted candidates with invitation to chat with Yujin for clarifications if any
    Yujin will answer candidates queries across subject areas such as Company overview, Culture, Employee benefits, Policies etc.
    Yujin will also work with candidate to complete the online screening test (if configured)
    Present shortlisted candidates to recruiter with all reports and stats for further processing.

  • Amigo

    Handles Employee Support Scenarios

    27% administration time spent daily in solving employes queries/request

    For using Amigo, employee needs to be authenticated, authentication is automated by integrating the BOT with company directory or equivalent mechanism
    Amigo can handle support requests from Leave Management, travel requisition, IT requests to Employee Benefits etc One can simply chat with Amigo to put your request, using NLP capabilities Amigo derives the intent out of it and processes the request.
    Amigo has capability of Orchestrating workflows between requester and approver

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